We offer a wide range of joinery services for commercial clients and projects, ranging from smaller items such as shop display stands to larger fit out pieces. Our work incorporates metal (such as stainless steel or aged brass), acrylic, upholstery and even glass so you can be sure of a complete project with only one point of contact. Scroll down to see some examples of our work and get in touch even if you don’t see something similar to your requirements. We are constantly taking on new projects – the next one could be yours.

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Lobbies and reception desks

Our joinery will make your entrance stand out from the crowd. Here we have used acrylic and stainless steel in conjunction with our joinery to offer a unique look and feel to a luxury spa based in London. Other finishes can include spray painted joinery, to any colours you choose, or wood finishes such as oak and walnut. Lighting is used to illuminate key areas or create drama.

Room dividers and partitions

Office spaces customized to create individual rooms and work areas. These can be produced in a number of ways such as

  • solid wood frames with sound proof glazing (as pictured)
  • veneered wood or painted MDF to give a screen effect in any style of your choice
  • solid structures to provide maximum privacy

Moveable screens

Make your space even more flexible with the use of screens or room dividers that can be opened or closed to customize your work area as your needs change. Pictured with a stainless steel paint finish, your options are not limited and can include solid or veneered wood, spray painted MDF, glass, acrylic, metal and glass.

Advertising and marketing materials

We have been involved in a number of different brand marketing campaigns and can help you produce the items that will help you stand out from the crowd. From trade shows to shop displays, get in touch to see how we can help.

Bespoke seating and upholstery

We include services to produce seating and upholstered items which can be used in your entrance or communal areas. Fire rated foam is used as standard and we can produce any shape or size that you require.

One off bespoke items

Do you recognise what this is? We were asked to produce the podium for the London Marathon and of course we obliged!
One off pieces mean exactly that, we can make exactly what you need as we offer a completely bespoke service.

Bespoke showpiece tables

Not only do we produce bespoke seating, but we also produce completely bespoke tables to match. Individual sizes and shapes as you require, and in any material or finish that suits your space and needs.

Communal area fit out

Whatever your requirements, be it kitchenette, bar area or storage, we can produce and install exactly what you need. As with all of our services, use of other materials and lighting can be incorporated to illuminate keys area, or to produce an overall ambience.

Display Stands

We’ve produced display stands for some of the most prestigious department stores and brands in the UK. Here you can see the use of colour on MDF, but we also spray paint to metal effects or use acrylics to give colour palettes that show off your merchandise.

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