Lighting & Electrical

The addition of lighting and electrical fittings (such as double sockets) will transform your joinery from functional to fabulous. Lighting with LED strips for example can be added to any storage furniture to either provide accents or to help with use. We recommend adding LED lighting strips to the underneath of all wall hung kitchen and utility units, inside wardrobes (activated by a motion detector) and to the top of all bookcases or storage so that it will produce a warm ambient light and illuminate your objects.

Many items of furniture are installed where electrical power sockets or other sockets such as TV antenna, satellite or phone sockets are already in place. We suggest that the socket is brought forward to sit on the joinery so that it is accessible after the furniture has been installed.  We can either cut out holes or supply and install new sockets as you require.

Another area where lighting is very successful is on stairs, either under the step or at the side in the stringer. The lights can be spot lights or LED strips.

For all LED strip lighting we route out a channel in the joinery and insert a metal profile which will hold the LED strip and a white plastic diffuser. This ensure the LED light is flush and does not show the typical spots of light common with LED strips.

The brightness of the LED light used will depend on the use. Higher lumens strips will be needed underneath and inside furniture while lower lumens strips are more pleasant for accent lighting. Warm and cool white or colour lighting is possible.