What better way to make a statement then to have a bespoke staircase in your entrance hall. We also produce stairs which are more complicated then any off the shelf solutions, and all in a range of materials to suit your needs.

Statement staircases

This pictured staircase is made from painted MDF with cast iron spindles and a mahogany hand rail. A beautiful design to complement the original features of the property.

Painted staircases

Another painted MDF stair is shown here, highlighting the area under the stairs. What better way to increase headroom and flood light into small town houses.

Unique and designer

We can mix and match the materials used to make your stairs, such as oak with glass, oak with metal and oak with painted MDF. In terms of design, bespoke stairs are one of a kind.

Oak staircases

A classic choice with solid oak for most elements of the stairs. Pictured in a natural oil finish, we can apply any stain, oil or other finish that you prefer.

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