From completely bespoke kitchens to a mix and match solution re-using existing or off the shelf components, tailor your most important room to maximise its potential

Customised wood finishes

Gone are the days of orange or faded lacquered woods. By customising the finish you can achieve

  • a white tone effect (with or without a protective coat of matt or gloss lacquer);
  • a painted effect just showing the grain of the wood beneath (in any colour and sheen of your choice); or
  • A colour tinted effect which crosses over between paint and natural wood

Spray painted MDF

The most versatile option if you want the achieve a colour finish. And not only can we spray paint to ANY colour of your choice but also any sheen (how matt or glossy the paint finish is). MDF fronts can be flat and modern or we can produce shaker frames, routed out shadow gaps or beading to your preference. The sky is the limit!


WOW! Select a colour that makes a statement about you and your home by choosing a bold and bright palette for your kitchen. Alternatively, you can complement the other colour palettes in your living space – and the choice is endless.

Wooden accents

Love the look and feel of natural wood but don’t want to use it throughout? By selecting a wood to create accents in your bespoke kitchen you get the best of both worlds.

Solid wood

Nothing compares to a solid wood kitchen in terms of quality. It is your choice whether to invest in solid wood throughout, or to mix and match with solid and veneer to same visual effect.

White gloss with or without handles

The recent trend in modern kitchen design has seen white gloss making a comeback. Clean sleek lines and wet look appearance complement stainless steel appliances and accents as well as natural or composite stone worktops magnificently. This look works well with a handless finish, which can be achieved in a number of different handless profiles.

Mix and match bespoke with off the shelf or existing

Come to us if you want to create a kitchen that utilises off the shelf or existing units with some bespoke elements. Examples include a different design or colour of door front, single bespoke units to fit your space or elements you want to conceal. Take a look at our design considerations page for inspiration of what you can achieve.

Update your existing fronts

Tired of the colour of your kitchen but don’t need to invest in all new furniture? Re-spraying your door fronts could be the solution to update the centre of your home.

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