Wooden Sash and Casement Windows

We are very proud of our sash and casement windows which are made from Accoya¬†as standard. Ditch the UPVC and you won’t regret it.

Casement windows

Casement windows are a more modern option, but as you can see in the picture shown, they can be made to suit traditional properties as well. We can make your casement windows in spray painted Accoya, or use other materials to give a different finish if your prefer.

Traditional sash

There is nothing like a traditional sash window to preserve the beauty of your property. Renovation of existing windows can only go so far, installing new windows will make sure they go the distance and are more energy efficient which is better for the environment and your pocket.

Glazing options

There are many glazing options for your windows. We can produce any of the following:

  • single glazing
  • slim profile xenon / krypton double glazed unit
  • standard profile double glazed unit with argon
  • triple glazed double glazed unit with argon
  • double glazed unit with internal blinds

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